FAQ and Trouble Shooting
· Children of which age can ride UFREE-HORSE?
· Does UFREE-HORSE need any power as gas, electricity, etc to make it walk?
· How can an end user buy one UFREE-HORSE?
· Can someone be an exclusive distributor of UFREE-HORSE in a certain country or area?
· What if any problem occurs to UFREE-HORSE?
Safety Tips
· UFREE-HORSE approved CE (EN71 standard), and USA safety standard ASTM F963, tested by SGS, the world’s leading testing and certification company.
· UFREE-HORSE is not suitable for children under 3 years. Children between 3 and 6 years old should be supervised by adults when riding UFREE-HORSE.
· Riders whose weights exceed 60kg shouldn’t ride the medium UFREE-HORSE UH-02, and whose weights exceed 90kg shouldn't ride UH-01.
· Medium parts can be swallowed. Cord on toy present potential entanglement hazard
· Do not ride on the downhill path that the gradient is more than 15°.
·Only adults can assemble, disassemble and clean the horse.
Spare Parts
UFREE usually supply some free wearing spare parts below, for wholesale order:
· wheel and bearing
· shaft circlip
· seat base
· seat pad
· plastic body cover
· handle foam
· plastic handle connection
· the iron frame of stirrup
· stirrup
· body fur
· seat fur
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